Industrial Pump Safety Tips To Maintain A Safe Work Enivronment

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If you run an industrial or manufacturing plant that uses any kind of centrifugal or other industrial-style pumps to get the job done, you are likely already making safety a top priority on a daily basis. Still, it can be helpful to be reminded of some safety best practices in order to ensure you maintain a work environment that is as safe as possible. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when working with an industrial chemical pump or any other type of industrial machinery that pumps potentially hazardous materials.

Create a Checklist and Make Sure It Is Followed to the Letter By Every Employee

All it takes is for someone to get careless one time for a serious injury or property damage to occur. When an employee begins his or her shift or turns on an industrial pump for the first time, they should have a set protocol they follow in order to ensure maximum safety. Your pumps should be thoroughly inspected for signs of wear and tear. If it looks like there's an issue, do not turn the pumps on until a repair is made. Trying to force more use out of an outdated or degraded pump is a disaster waiting to happen. Ideally, you'll get your industrial chemical pumps inspected by a professional on a regular basis so potential issues can be detected early on.

Keep All Lines Clear

Centrifugal and other types of chemical industrial pumps use suction and discharge lines to get the chemicals to go where they need to go. When you are conducting your daily inspection, pay attention to these lines in addition to the pump itself. You want to make sure that none of your heavy equipment goes anywhere near your pump lines. All it takes is for one careless employee to accidentally drive a large piece of heavy equipment over a line for you to have a major problem on your hands. Mark off all piping or lines and put up barriers if possible in order to keep the entire system clear of potential trouble.

Invest in the Right Safety Equipment

Even if you do a great job of keeping your industrial chemical pumps in great condition, you should also make sure your employees have additional protection just in case. If something goes wrong and a chemical starts spraying, you want your employees to be fully covered and protected, especially if the chemical is hazardous or being kept at an extreme temperature.

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