Finding The Right Parts For Your Farm Equipment Restoration

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Restoring an older tractor or farm implement can be very satisfying but finding the correct parts for your farming equipment project is not always without its challenges. The parts for older machines are often not available from the dealer, so finding the parts may take some time, but there are some places that you can look when you are getting started.

Used Parts

When working with old equipment like classic tractors that are no longer being produced, used parts can be an excellent option. Sometimes a salvage yard located in areas where a lot of agriculture once existed will have old farming equipment and tractors in the yard and may have some parts you need. 

Often used parts require restoration and cleaning before installing them, but it is often easier to find an old used part, restore it and make sure it is working as designed than to find a new part in any condition for an old tractor.  

Swap Meet Parts

Like used parts, swap meet parts are likely to be old parts that have been salvaged or saved and may need restoration or rebuilding before you can use them. Swap meets for old farming equipment, and tractors can be a great resource for parts, and you can use these meets as a way to network with other people restoring a machine or who have an interest in them. 

The advantage to swap meets is that you can often find people willing to trade parts with you, so if you have pieces that you are not going to use, you can usually use them as a currency at these events and trade for something you need. If you can't swap the parts with someone, you may be able to sell them to fund the purchase of a piece from another person at the event and still save yourself some money. 

Restoration Parts

Another option you have when working with old farming equipment is to buy reproduction parts made to the specs of the original parts but by a third party. Components for an old tractor that is no longer being made may be impossible to get, and the reproduction part could be the only option to complete the tractor's restoration.

If you find a dealer that still has some parts on the shelf, you may want to buy them even if they are not parts you need because you may be able to resell these old farming equipment parts to another collector or restorer and pay for some of the things you need for your project. 

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