Choosing The Right Fans For Your Industrial Facility

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When you need a fan for your commercial or industrial property, you may want to consider something explicitly made for the environment or industry that you work in. Industrial fans have some benefits and can be made to provide maximum airflow and safe operation in situations that other fans may not be suitable.

Fan Sizes

One of the most significant differences between industrial fans over standard fans is the available sizes of the fans. Industrial fans can range from tiny fans to extremely large and sometimes multiple fan units for spaces that require a lot of ventilation. 

The industrial fans you are considering for your work area may only need to be large enough to circulate the air to keep things comfortable, so smaller units work well. However, there are other times that the fan you are using needs to move a lot of air quickly, so a fan that is several feet across may be required. There are portable industrial fans that are four or five feet tall that are often used to pull air out of hot loading docks or warehouses in the summer because overhead fans are not practical or safe in those areas. 

Fire Safety

You may choose industrial fans because of the safety they offer in a work area where paints and chemicals are commonly used. The fans used in paint booths and areas that use explosive chemicals need to have sealed housings so that no substances can get inside the unit. 

The electric motor inside the fan housing can produce a spark when it is turned on, and if some fumes or gases penetrate the housing, a fire or explosion could result. The industrial fans used in these areas are often rated for specific uses and are available through an industrial fan supplier. 

Industrial fans with sealed motors are often used in smoke removal systems because the exhaust running through them may have some residual chemical fumes in it. Removing these fumes from the work area is vital for the health of people working there, but it has to be done safely. 

Overhead Fans

Ceiling fans used in large open spaces can help move air inside the facility and keep the environment more comfortable all year. Still, industrial ceiling fans that are large enough for a warehouse or manufacturing facility can be so large that they require custom installation. Industrial fans like these are often assembled on-site and hoisted into position overhead. 

The fans move slower than other large fans because the blades are so large that they can move a significant amount of air at a much slower speed than small fans. When considering fans like these from your facility, contact an industrial fan supplier that specializes in them to be sure you get the right fan size for the space you are working with.

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