Don't Open Your Welding Shop Without The Needed Hot Work Permits

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If welding to this point has been a hobby for you, you've probably obtained some equipment that you use on your personal time and on your personal property like a workshop in your home. But if you are serious about taking your welding hobby and turning it into a profession by opening a welding shop where you and other welders will be working with hot tools on a daily basis, don't forget to apply for any necessary hot work permits before you open your doors. Here's what a hot work permit is and why it's important to get your paperwork in order.

A Hot Work Permit Shows That You Recognize the Dangers of Your Business and Are Prepared to Operate Safely

A hot work permit is required by some government bodies for different kinds of businesses that work with extreme forms of heat. This type of permit might be needed not just for welding work but also for construction or many different industrial fields. Beyond an inspection, you will be required to follow certain safety protocols and have the right safety equipment on site.

Potential Employees Will Expect That You Have the Right Permits

Beyond getting caught without a permit during a government inspection, the other reason you want all of your permits in a row before you open your shop is that your potential new welders go into work with the expectation that you have done everything you need to do to open your shop by the book. No welder is going to want to work for a shop that isn't on the right side of all required regulations.

Doing Work Without the Right Permit or Allowing a Permit to Expire Could Open You Up to a Lawsuit

You, of course, will do everything you can to try and ensure that your shop is safe and accident-free, but say that something bad does happen. In this scenario, there will likely be an investigation of what went down, and you might be asked to show your current permits. If it comes out that you don't have the right hot work permits or you allowed a permit to expire, this could be seen as a sign of negligence. Not only would you be in trouble from a regulatory standpoint, but you could also face a lawsuit from the worker or workers who were injured in the accident.

Welding is an interesting hobby, but if you want it to become a profession including opening your own business, make sure you obtain the right hot work permits before work begins.

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