Use A Mini Excavator To Complete Some Residential Landscaping Tasks

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A mini excavator is commonly used for trenching and digging. This compact, powerful piece of equipment can also be used for other outdoor tasks that you may want to tackle this spring and summer. 


A mini excavator contains a high-rotational torque motor. This type of motor allows the housing of a mini excavator to fully rotate. Demolition is a project that may require materials to be broken down at various angles. Due to the compressed size of a mini-excavator and the various grappling hooks and extension buckets that can be attached to this type of machinery, you will discover that tearing down a rock wall or another artificial feature on your property can be accomplished with little effort.

A construction hammer that is designed for use on concrete, brick, and other hardscaped materials can be used to break up pieces. Afterward, a grappling hook or a bucket can be used to remove materials from your property. A grading extension can be used to compact land, once all of the demolition steps have been conducted. Grading involves compacting and smoothing soil. This prepares the land for grass seed or for the addition of another manmade feature.

Tree Planting And Creating Paths

An auger contains a rotating metal shaft. It is a tool that is used to dig holes deep into the earth. An auger attachment that is designed for use with a mini excavator can be used to create holes that will support the planting of saplings or young trees. Use a mini excavator and auger to create a border of trees across a portion of your property or to add an asymmetrical plot of trees that are each strategically planted in an area where you would like to be supplied with shade or additional color and texture.

A mini excavator can be used to create paths along areas where dense foliage is present. A rake attachment can be used to pull weeds, small shrubs, and other foliage from the ground. A grading bucket can be used to flatten disrupted soil. Afterward, you can spread gravel or mulch along each pathway that you have created.

Extension Pieces

Many rental facilities that supply mini excavators may also feature a series of extension pieces that be used with the rental equipment. Prepare a list of projects that you wish to conduct and request assistance with selecting extension pieces that will be sufficient for each project.

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