Robotic Total Station For Surveying — Selection Tips To Utilize

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If you want to make surveying an easier process to handle, then you can invest in a robotic total station. It allows one operator to survey land in an efficient manner. If you want to buy one for your company, utilize the following selection assistance.

Put Different Models Through Tests

You can find a lot of different models for robotic total stations today. Ideally, you should test them out in person so that you know exactly what their capabilities are. You won't just have to rely on product descriptions to make the right investment.

You just need to rent robotic total stations that vary in significant ways, whether it's their size, remote capabilities, or feature support. The more differences these systems have, the better analysis you can perform and then ultimately make a great investment for your company's surveying operations. 

Make Sure Setup is User-Friendly

Your company may have many tasks it needs to complete besides land surveying. In that case, you want a robotic total station that can be set up with ease and quickly. You can thus start surveying land right away and move on to other operations.

These total stations don't all set up the same way. Their bases and attachments, for instance, can vary tremendously. You just need to figure out what setup design will accommodate your company the best. Again, you may need to test different total stations out to see what system sets up the easiest.

Look For a Long Battery Life

Most robotic total stations are powered by batteries. You want battery life to be long because it lets you perform surveying without interruptions. Fortunately, it's very easy to see how long a robotic total station's battery will last because manufacturers will have detailed data on this spec.

You just need to compare different battery life ratings for a couple of total stations, seeing what the longest is. Then you'll know what investment to make and thus be able to use this surveying equipment for a long time off a single charge. That makes this equipment a lot easier to use and manage.

If you want to enhance your company's surveying abilities, then you might want to invest in a robotic total station. Just know there are different models you can buy on the marketplace today. If you study them patiently and figure out your preferences with this machinery, it will be easy to make the right choice. 

To learn more about these systems, including the Carlson CRX series robotic total station, reach out to a supplier.

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