Fluoropolymer Roof Coating — How To Preserve It For A Long Time On A Commercial Roof

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If you decided to put a fluoropolymer coating system on your commercial roof, you want to preserve it as best you can so that you don't have to apply more coats often and thus waste money. Here are a few tricks to remember about this coating's maintenance.

Be Careful When Removing Snow From the Roof 

There are some commercial buildings that can't have a ton of weight on the roof. So when it snows, it's important to remove it from these properties so that damage isn't probable. If you have this type of roof and it has a fluoropolymer coating on it, be careful about snow removal.

You don't want to damage the coating system in any way after all. You just need to take your time and get a shovel that's not sharp on the end. Then you can gently remove snow from the roof to keep excessive force from causing structural damage.

Keep up With Debris Removal

Another thing that can collect on your commercial roof over time are debris. However, they are not ideal to have on said roof if it has a fluoropolymer coating on it because debris can cause punctures. Then your coating system would leave your roof vulnerable to the elements.

It's thus in your best interest to remove debris on a consistent basis. If you can't perform this task all the time, find a roofing company that can. Then you can easily prolong the lifespan of your fluoropolymer roof coating solution.

Limit Foot Traffic as Much as Possible

If your roof with a fluoropolymer coating was constantly walked on, this can degrade the coating in a short period of time. Then you would have to put another coating solution on it and thus spend more money. You won't have to repeat this cycle though if you just keep foot traffic to a minimal.

Only if it's absolutely necessary should you have someone walk on your roof. For instance, if a repair or maintenance step needs to be performed, the minor foot traffic should be okay. This simple tactic can help said roof coating last with ease.

If you took the time and money to put a fluoropolymer coating on your commercial roof, then it deserves to be cared for properly. Things like getting rid of debris and inspecting said roof solution can help it last for as long as it's supposed to on your roof.  

For more info about fluoropolymer coating, contact a local company. 

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